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Our Work & Philosophy 


Inspire passion and instill a strong work ethic in each athlete. 

What we do 

Wild Works Basketball is centered around our annual Elite Camp in Greenwich, CT at the end of June. 

We are a worldwide community, as international players attend camp through our host family experience.


We partner with local strength and travel basketball clubs to optimize a year round training regimen and be a resource for you to achive your goals. 



In fall 2020, Abbie sat in her room in Spain between practices and realized that she had a platform as a professional basketball player that she wanted to use for the greater good. 


Her goal was to run the ultimate camp in her hometown, with the best skills and drills she picked up throughout her time playing Big Ten and professional ball. 

Wild Works Connects INC.

Wild Works Basketball proudly operates under Wild Works Connects Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the purpose of increasing access to high quality sports instruction and guidance to help youth of all backgrounds achieve their academic and athletic goals.


The Wild Worker

A Wild Worker is a model teammate and recruitable student-athlete.

Allie Barnett (pictured left) was awarded the Wild Worker of the week at the 2021 Greenwich Camp. 


Will you dive on the floor for that ball?


Are you communicating and doing everything in your power to help your team win?


Will you be the first one on the floor to get extra skill work in? 


Do you respect your teammates, opponent, your coach and the referees?

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